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Seven Days a Week

You can contact Wildoak from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 361 days a year. We are working for you for 84 hours a week, 12 hours a day; that is approximately 50% longer than traditional agency hours. Wil... (more info)

Value for Money

As part of our launch, all vendors can enjoy the Wildoak service with our reduced launch fees. These will be available for a very limited period only but highlight that with Wildoak, you get so much m... (more info)

Incomparable Experience

Wildoak is governed by the Code of Conduct of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and provides a truly professional, proactive and tailored personal service focused on meeting and exceeding c... (more info)

Wildoak Ultimate Client Service

Another first from Wildoak; 'Search and Sell'. Instruct Wildoak to market your property at our standard fee and should you wish, we will also assist you with the search, negotiation and acquis... (more info)

Wildoak FastTrack

Wildoak has developed a marketing strategy specifically designed to produce the swiftest results by attracting the greatest interest in the shortest time frame without us compromising on the highest l... (more info)

Bath Fee Sharing Scheme

Another first from Wildoak; we work with a sales force of over 100,000 people. Any Bath resident who introduces an active, specific vendor or purchaser to Wildoak who proceeds to a successful transact... (more info)

Wildoak Property Search

Wildoak is seeking to bring as wide an audience to the Bath property market as possible. We provide a full search service to purchasers who find it difficult to access Bath. Travelling into the City c... (more info)

Imaginative Marketing

Of course we advertise in local press and on the principal property search websites; they are a key source of potential purchasers. We also provide arguably the highest profile office frontage in Bath... (more info)

Wildoak Open House

This marketing approach is designed to promote your property for the entire market to view at a specified time on a specified date. The greater the local awareness of any property, the greater the cha... (more info)

The Wildoak Drawing Room

We appreciate that buying and selling property can be a hugely stressful exercise and as a consequence we have created the Wildoak Drawing Room. We hope this will provide a more comfortable and relaxi... (more info)

High Profile Office

Our premises in the heart of Bath, are located at the junction of George Street, Lansdown Road, Broad Street and Paragon/Roman Road. We were naturally keen to acquire the best possible space and the h... (more info)

The London Link

Wildoak has an extensive network of contacts throughout the London residential property market. Working in tandem with these varied contacts and informing them about when certain properties come to th... (more info)

Bespoke IT Management Systems

Communication is often highlighted as a significant failing of estate agents. By electing not to utilise a generic management software package, we have created and continue to develop and improve our ... (more info)

Unparalleled Network of Offices

Through Wildoak's use of imaginative and flexible marketing, we guarantee that your property can be accessible to more prospective purchasers than ever before, thus increasing market awareness and... (more info)

In-House Website Design

Our website has been developed in-house with a little assistance from Float in Milsom Street. We have employed the most up to date systems and techniques and integrated it with our management systems.... (more info)

The Wildoak Architectural Award

Wildoak is thrilled to announce that we are currently in discussions with Bath University to establish the Wildoak Architectural Award. The intention is that this award will be granted anually to the ... (more info)

Kids Corner

Another first from Wildoak. Wildoak recognises that most purchasers believe that searching for a family home should involve the whole family. In response Wildoak has sought to present a truly family f... (more info)

Wild Oaks Across Bath

Wildoak is committed to a programme of oak tree planting across Bath and is currently in discussions with BANES as to how best to proceed. The concept of our project is very simple. The number of tree... (more info)
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